Month: March 2013

Choosing a shared hosting company with reliability

If you are looking for an internet hosting bundle for the small company you are about to setup, then its great news to state that there are numerous shared hosting services on the market. Now, this benefit could also turn to a downside as it can be quite challenging to select a shared web hosting […]

Cheap WordPress Web hosting form India

If you are considering creating a website or a blog, one of the best tools to use is WordPress. The great thing about having WordPress web hosting is that it can be used as a blogging tool, a website content management (CMS) system or as both. Many businesses have begun using it because it automatically […]

Cheap Domain Names for Sale on WebHosting4India

Domain name is the identity of any individual and business on the web. If you want to have a fabulous domain name of your own, you should start finding cheap domain names for sale immediately and various domain registration firms offer domain names at affordable rates. All you need to do is just to find […]

Buy Shared Hosting Packages with Webhosting4India Today!

Shared web hosting service package would cheaper compare to dedicated hosting packages and plans because in shared hosting customers can share the web space and resources with other customers that would be affordable for the customers. Shared hosting plans started with 100 INR in a month or may be more but not more than 499 […]

Best Shared Hosting – How Does it Work

We commonly get asked the question what is the best shared hosting plan? Just in case you are a little unclear on this we will clarify it for you. Shared hosting (also called virtual hosting) is hosting that allows you to manage multiple web domains on one hosting accounts. You simply login into your account […]

Best Provider of shared hosting In India

Shared web hosting in India is pocket-friendly and is dear to most web hosting service providers because of its working efficiency. There are over thousands of website owners who like going for shared hosting for their websites. The cost of this particular type of web hosting is incredibly low both for the web host and […]

All about unlimited web hosting India

A web hosting service allows an individual or company to host their website on the internet. As the need for such web hosting services increased rapidly in recent decades, web hosting service providers became more competitive in providing their services. When an individual or company wishes to host a website on the internet, there are […]