Best Shared Hosting – How Does it Work

We commonly get asked the question what is the best shared hosting plan?

Just in case you are a little unclear on this we will clarify it for you. Shared hosting (also called virtual hosting) is hosting that allows you to manage multiple web domains on one hosting accounts. You simply login into your account and then manage all of your domain names hosted on this account.  You do not have to host each individual domain, which can be kind of tedious. Each domain takes a chunk of your hosting space. This is great if you are a webmaster that owns several sites and want to pay one hosting fee. What we typically do is charge my clients a monthly fee for site updates which gives me hosting for free. The good thing about shared web hosting is that you don’t have to actually manage your own server; the web hosting company does it for you.

Shared web hosting is ideal for small business or small personal websites. They typically have a set limit of bandwidth and space they will provide you with. It is really the starter package of web hosting. Another important thing about shared hosting is that you always have the added flexibility to upgrade and dedicate to another kind of hosting if you elect to do so.

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