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What is Linux Web Hosting?

Linux web hosting is a platform to host websites that is based on the open-source operating system. The community support that open-source software provides means that Linux is quick to get patches and features pushed out. Linux hosting is optimized for speed and handling numerous processes at one time.

Who Needs and Uses Linux Web Hosting

Anyone looking to run scripts written in php, perl, ruby, or other web programming languages can make use of the speed and security of Linux web hosting. Also, students or beginners in programming can leverage their Linux hosting account in order to become more familiar with the languages. Most hosts will provide ssh (shell access) that will allow the customer to experience what the command prompt of Linux is all about without having to go through a complicated install on their private system.

Linux Web Hosting Technical Details – Databases, Platforms and Versions

Linux hosting can be served on a variety of distributions. There really is not too much difference between distributions, so it should not be too much of a concern. Databases are essential to web development, and Linux web hosting is capable of attaching to all sorts. The most widely used are MySQL and PostgreSQL. The latest versions of Linux are brought out by the open source community which keeps bugs fixed and patches coded.

Linux Web Hosting With Cpanel

Cpanel is the industry standard when it comes to the Linux hosting control panel. Almost every feature needed is centralized in Cpanel. Updating and adding user passwords, browsing files, taking backups, and all essential tasks can be managed through a clean graphical interface. It is not necessary to know specific Linux command syntax when using Cpanel and that is why the GUI has become so popular in today’s hosting world.

Advantages of Using Linux Web Hosting From WebHosting4India

Pretty much one word can sum up the advantages at WebHosting4India, and that word is “UNLIMITED.” Our cheap web hosting plans offer unlimited databases, unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains. Responsive and highly technical savvy experts are waiting to help with any problems through tickets or live chat sessions. There is a reason that WebHosting4India has made a name for itself with over 10,000 hosted domains on the servers.

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