Linux Shared Hosting India

Linux Shared Hosting India

Linux web hosting is hosted on powerful Indian servers that have features such as MySQL and PHP that is managed by the Plesk control panel. Plesk control at webhosting4india allows you to maintain your hosting account using a comprehensive set of features along with the ability to manage your MySQL databases, manage database users, manage passwords, password protect web directories and maintain email accounts and a lot more.

Linux Operating System (OS) is open source software that is secure and stable with a continuous effort to improve the software constantly. Our Linux Shared Hosting packages come with an extensive list of add-on tools and modules so that you receive the best output on your chosen packages. We have two different control panels for our Linux shared hosting package to offer: cPanel and Direct Admin. We let our customers choose the one that suits the best.

cPanel: Are you in search of a space to store all your email or start your own website for your hobby, business or family website?  Well our cPanel Linux shared hosting plans are abundant with features specially designed for you to make a powerful web presence.

Direct Admin: Direct Admin control panel is a feature-rich control panel with a unique combination of speed, stability and superb features. We let you get used to daily administration of your hosting account. It has been designed in such a way that it consumes less server resources compared to other control panel. This leads to freeing up more server resources for your web site.

Linux Shared Hosting: Why us?

Linux has been offering many advantages for utilizing its software as the server platform.

Far-reaching Support: It has a big user base and open-source philosophy with the help of which we offer countless tutorials, newsgroups, user groups, forums, and many other online and offline resources for quick and effective assistance.

Web Design/Development: We let easy access to web design/development with the help of the popular Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP configurations. We also have a wide array of open source projects such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Database Support: Our Linux Hosting supports numerous databases such as mSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL that work in collaboration to maximize performance.

Linux Conversion: We also have this unique feature of allowing the migration of a Linux hosting to a Windows hosting platform in case of any upcoming changes. It helps a great deal in expanding and growing your website.