MySQL Hosting India

MySQL Hosting India

MySQL is considered to be the world’s most popular database management system. The reason being its reliability, ease of use and performance. MySQL is mostly preferred by the new generation of web applications primarily because of the gaining popularity in the programming field. Today, a majority of the largest and fastest growing companies are dependent on MySQL for their vital applications. WebHosting4India has been successfully providing support for MySQL hosting since a long time now.

WebHosting4India is picking up pace in India these days. We are leaders in offering MySQL hosting – an inseparable feature for most businesses. We offer the best quality service and always come up with satisfying and low priced packages for our highly valued clients. A bulk load of our clients are from overseas. They come through other clients who recommend our services.

We are the mostly preferred choice for MySQL hosting in India. We adopt different kinds of pricing strategies with different packages to fit your different business needs. We strive to satisfy our clients completely and make sure that their business goals are met and advance their impact over the Internet.

Uptime is crucial to every business. This is because web surfers tend to switch sites if it is down. None likes to waste time over slow opening sites. So, if your server often remains down, it will have disastrous negative impact on your business and lead to reduced trafficking on your site. It is therefore highly recommended to check on the server uptime before choosing your web host. Choose from among the best web hosting companies with uptime over 90% and be confident that your visitors will never be turned down. The uptime of the servers at WebHosting4India is 99%. This is another reason why we stand as the most reliable web hosting in India. We proudly boost of being one of the top web hosting companies around the world.

Top notch MySQL Hosting Environment

Our web administration tools will make your MySQL database hosting environment easy to manage. MySQL is provisioned with a few clicks from the WebHosting4India application repository. This lets us be sure about the proper installation and configuration of your MySQL database servers. We have user guides for deploying your application in the MySQL database hosting environment. Our 24/7 available assistance group help you troubleshoot any problem. We also install a wide variety of applications including development tools, frameworks, application servers, content management systems, media servers, mail tools etc with the help of our user friendly control panel.

Web Hosting Solutions by MySQL

Whenever you choose a WebHosting4India hosting plan, you automatically get associated with our premium MySQL hosting solutions. Each of our packages will include a secure environment, complemented by advanced permissions and support for SSL encryption towards better security. WebHosting4India offer a secure and constant MySQL hosting solution suitable for personal blogs and websites and also for corporate applications. You may easily create a database using integrated PHPMyAdmin function where you may import/restore a database from backup. Our MySQL manager also allows you to edit the current database or make a spare copy on your computer.

Standard MySQL performance with exceptional server tweaks

If your website is in need of MySQL, our handmade hosting solution will be the most ideal for you. We store a unique combination of our smart hardware architecture. We also have a separate disk for MySQL and our software optimizations such as our in-house MySQL query cache and memory usage tweaks. Our MySQL solution is the safest and fastest in the market.