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Webhosting4india is the owner and operator of six geographically-dispersed data centers throughout India. We employ all kinds of safely measures on our network infrastructure to keep all your data, applications, and collocation hardware indestructible. We also have provisions for biometrics, video surveillance and three layers of NOC monitoring to offer the promised level of security.

We make sure that every facility we provide independently validate for compliance against PCI DSS and SOC frameworks and check if such policies and procedures tally with technology and business changes. We never advocate power deficiency because of our UPS systems and back-up generators. To reach high standards of speed and connectivity, tier one connectivity from multiple providers are used. Again our Green Design Standards makes way for stable temperature, humidity and airflow management along with data protection and energy efficiency.

For further insight on Webhosting4india data centers in Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and all over Asia, request a tour.