Best Shared Hosting India

Best Shared Hosting India

WebHosting4India is a household name when talked about Best Shared Hosting provider because of its reputation, high yielding technology, cost effective service and of course 24/7 available technical support.

Our cost effective shared hosting service is especially meant for personal and small businesses. We bring a balance to our marketing position by offering our all-in-one unlimited shared hosting package that incorporates almost all the features required of shared hosting sites. We have been successfully spreading our wings and serving our customers worldwide.

Why is Shared Hosting preferred at WebHosting4India?

WebHosting4India can proudly boost of high customer satisfaction due to its emanating technology. Our shared hosting service is cheap, reliable, secure and fast.

WebHosting4India is a successfully organized shared hosting company that guarantees shared hosting reliability and performance by customizing Linux kernel. WebHosting4India CPU Segregation is specially adopted to guarantee CPU resources, memory and disk I/O for users on every server. Even if you are a heavy user your process will never be interrupted. The heavy sites are normally bumped against any CPU limits that WebHosting4India puts in place. Thus, in short it will work exactly like a VPS or dedicated server but wont cost as much as those.

Best Shared hosting quality

Shared hosting service at WebHosting4India is powered by high performance and world-class dedicated data centers and up-to-date servers. We utilize branded servers with high yielding processors and 1000MBits intranet connection to routers.

Other advantages from WebHosting4India include:

User friendly cPanel or Plesk control panel

Highly protected anti-spam and anti-virus filtering to secure your business

24/7 phone and email support for quick and efficient assistance

Provisions for unlimited web traffic and enterprise grade hardware to ensure that your website is readily available.